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                                                                   Hail Damage 

The most critical and protective action that you can take as a homeowner when hail has hit in the area of your home is to contact a roofing professional who will provide a no-obligation free roof inspection.  Only a roofing professional has a keen eye for damages that may not be clearly visible until it is too late.

Hail damage is a common reason that homeowners must replace their roofs.  Yet, many homeowners don’t believe that they have hail damage because they believe that the hail was too small or because they cannot see any damage to their roof themselves.  To a layman, hail damage is difficult to spot on most roofs.  Can you spot the hail damage in this picture?  We can!

Some hail damage is not immediately visible to a homeowner.  Often, the homeowner doesn’t act until they start to see the damage which may be months or years later when the granules wash away causing spotting or leaks.  Since most insurance companies expect you to file a claim within 1 year (some requiring within 6 months) of the date of damage, homeowners who do not file their claims timely will have to pay for their own roof replacement.  Be sure to call a roofing professional to assess damages!


                                        How does hail damage shingles? 

Asphalt Shingles have three major components.  There is a base matting, then asphalt tar, and granules that are on top of the shingle.  When hail strikes the shingle, it “bruises” the matting, “knocking off” granules, exposing the asphalt tar and matting fibers.  Sometimes, the granules do not knock off immediately but instead washes away over time, making immediate assessment of damages difficult for the layman.  Over time, the exposed asphalt and matting fibers crack and then produces leaks.  Here are some examples of visibly damaged Asphalt Shingles:


Wood Shake Shingles is not as easy to damage as Asphalt Shingles but can be damaged nevertheless.  When hail strikes, it splits the shingle entirely, causing a seam for water to penetrate, leading to leaks.  Here are some examples of visibly damaged Wood Shake Shingles:


Metal Roofing Systems can be damaged although not easily.  The stone granules of a Stone Coated Metal System can be “knocked off” similar to Asphalt Shingles.  The metal may be dented in some cases as well.  Although the damage may not compromise the functionality of the roofing system, the damage is aesthetic and may be paid for by your insurance company.  Here is a couple of examples of Stone Coating that has been “knocked off”:


Slate, Tile, and Concrete Roofing Systems can be damaged although not easily.  A hail strike can crack or chip the slate, tile, or concrete shingle, causing access for water to run beneath, leading to leaks.  Here are some examples of this type of damage:



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